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ZOZO Power Adapter

This is a great opportunity to get some power for your electronic devices! The zozo ac power adapter provides quick and easy voltage settings for all types of power supplies. Whether you need 4 or 5 volts, this ac power adapter will take your power to the next level.

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This is areplacement power wall adapter charger with universal 7 dc plugs and 10w 5v 2a that is for the zozo power adapter.
this is a perfectzado for those that want to charge their android tablets and routers while they watch a movie or record a video. It has a multi-tip switchable ac power adapter that can handle up to 10 volts. The zozo also has a durable build and can handle high-powered devices. This power adapter is perfect for use in the home or office.
this is a multi voltage switching replacement power supply cord for universal ac adapter. It is a perfect fit for your device and will give you the power to keep it running while you go.